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The only pellet boiler in the world that can adapt to different requirements !

Pellet Boiler & Heat Storage Boiler

  • Coast efficient & robust​

  • Efficiency > 94%

  • Automated operation

Pellet Boiler

Pellet Boiler IHS
High quality, robust boiler
Highly efficient
Safe in operation
Easy to install

Fuel :     Wood - pellets

Power :  4,5 - 15 KW. 7 - 23 KW

Tested:  EuroNorm EN 303 T5

Boiler also for wood-chips available

Wood Chips
Wood Chips Boiler Fire IHS

Pellet Storage Boiler

This is the same boiler as the premium solar storage boiler

Fuel :    Wood-pellets

Power:  0-15 KW, 0-23 KW

Tested: EuroNorm EN 303 T5

Pellet Storage Boiler IHS
Resistant construction
Space saving

Optimal insulation

Very large area for heat exchanger

High efficiecny of over 94%

High volume for water, reduces
starts of burner
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