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Hands for cooperation

IHS Experience for your Company

Development / Calculation
Boiler thermography analysis
IHS Boiler thermography analysis
Solarboiler thermography analysis
IHS Hybrid Boiler thermography analysis

Thermography analysis / heat distribution in layers

Storage Boiler body
Heating pipes with thermometers
IHS Solar Pellet Boiler


High efficiency

Low emission

Easy installation

Simple operation

Long lifetime

Testing IHS Boiler
Testing Institut Fluegas Pipes
Measuring Instruments Testing Institut

According to highest standards of

European norms EN in cooperation

with accredited testing institutions

Cooperation and tests with

well-known research centers

and universities

Regulation ÖNORM for Boilers
Regulation for Boilers
Testing Report TU
Testing Report for IHS Boilers
Experience since decades
Approved heating technology since many years...
Compact Pellets Heating Unit
Room with Pellets

Mr. Erich Schreiber heats his home for more than 30 years with his first (!)  IHS pelletboiler

Automatic Multifuel Boiler

"...I`d definitely mount this boiler anytime again !"

Residencial with Pellet Heating

Family Schreiber in front of

their home in Lower Austria

Development Straw Burner
Straw Burner IHS
Automatic Straw Burner

1994: Prototyp Strawburner Power 2 MW


-  For whole bales of straw

-  No problems with crushing

-  Increased safety in operation

-  Automatically fuelable

-  Improved emission characteristics

Development Straw Pelletizing
Straw cutting IHS
Pellet Cooling IHS
Pellet Press IHS
Pellet Production IHS

1983: Development of the first pelleting plant in Lower Austria, Austria

Development / Experiments / Miscanthus
Miscanthus Plant IHS
Miscanthus Field IHS

1988: First cultivation experiments

with miscanthus in Austria

1990:  First automatic firing for

miscanthus, Upper Austria, Austria

Experience History
Experience History

1983    Development of the first straw-pelleting-plant in cooperation with scandinavian companies

1985    Combustion-analysis of various plants in cooperation with University of Technology Vienna


1987    Development of the first pellet-heating system (nationwide)


1988    First miscanthus plantation in Austria


1990    Experimental-boiler-plant for miscanthus

1992    Development and construction of wood-chip boiler

1993    Development of a prototyp for automatic firing if tiled stoves

1997    Development of a pelletboiler, second generation (hot combustion chamber, modualr construction)

1999    Development of pellet boiler, third generation (optimized control electronics, improved apperance)

2002    Development of tiled-stove heating system for home heating

2004    Development and construction of the first pellet-solar heat-storage-boiler

2005    Advancement and optimization of the pellet-solar-boiler

2006    Development of a high-efficient pellet-boiler

2007    Development of a pellet-boiler in low-power-range


2008    Optimization of the tiled-stove-burner, complete revision of the control unit with a simplified menu                    navigation


2009    Development of the first Energy Center for multivalent operations as an all-inclusive house-                            installation-system


2012    Complete Revision of the control unit for connection with Tablet-PC and Smart-Phone

2015    Development of a Automatic Stove for pellet and wood

2019    Advancement of a Hybrid Boiler in combination with solar, pellet and heat pump

2021    Development of a special stove for pellets

Our Specifics
Innovation - Development - Consulting - Transfer

In the field of renewable energy and thermal use of biomass

International experience in cooperating with industry-specific companies as well as with research

institutes and testing laboratories

Industry Partners
Parts of business

Development of products                       Product realisation

-  Own products                                       -  Prototype development

-  Order of development                           -  Tests

                                                               -  Documentation

                                                               -  Checks, registration

                                                               -  Product design

                                                               -  Manufacturer handover

Introduction for production                    Product accompaniment                     Marketing and sale

-  Start of production                              -  Training                                           -  Argumentation

-  Supply structure                                 -  Technical support                             -  Product information

Management of innovation

-  Development of solid fuels                 -  Processing from biomass

-  Development from plants                   -  Concepts regarding production of heat from biomass

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