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IHS Solutions
for Your Customers

Residential Home Roof with Solar Panel
Modern House with IHS Solar System
Residencial with IHS Solarpanels in garden
House with IHS Solarpanels on roof
Premium Solar Storage Boiler IHS
Woodboiler and Storageboiler IHS
Boiler for Heating and Hotwater IHS
IHS Pelletboiler
Auromatic Storage Boiler Body
Hybrid Storage Boiler with Wood Boiler
Storeroom for Pellets
Compact Storeroom for IHS Boilers
IHS Pelletburner
Pellet Storage Boiler IHS
Pump Unit for Solar Energy
Solarsystems for generating hot water
and heating
Special Heating Plants
Special construction for a castle, Italy
Heating System IHS in a castle
Biomass Storeroom IHS in a castle
Biomass Storeroom IHS Fuel Loding System
Fuel Loding System IHS with wood chips
Heating Boiler IHS for Wood Chips
Wood Chips Boiler IHS Fire
Multifuel Unit IHS Commercial
Compact Unit IHS with open doors
Automatic Universal Boiler IHS
Automatic Universal Boiler
Heating Power 60 KW and 100 KW, 1990, Austria
Commercial IHS Heating Plant for Wood Chips
Heating Plant Zistersdorf
Straßenmeisterei Zistersdorf,
160 KW, 1990, Austria
Automatic Wood Boiler 200 KW IHS
Silo for 200 KW IHS Heating Plant
200 KW, 2002, Slovakia
Biomass Heating Plants
Body Industrial Boiler IHS
Body Industria lBoiler IHS backside
500 KW, 2003, Slovakia
Industrial Boiler IHS frontside
Industrial Boiler 500 KW IHS
500 KW,
500 KW,
Industrial Boiler IHS Fire
Industrial Boiler 850 KW IHS
850 KW, 1996, Hessen,
Industrial Boiler IHS
Industrial Boiler IHS inside
2,5 MW, 1997, Slovakia

Fuel Loading Systems

Hydraulic Drive IHS
Automatic Multifuel System IHS
Fuel Loading System IHS
Industrial Fuel Loading IHS
Fuel Loading with Fuel IHS
Hydraulic Station for Fuel Loading IHS
Storeroom for Fuel Loading IHS
IHS Commercial Fuel Loading for Wood Chips IHS
IHS Fuel Transport System

Innovative Heating Solutions

Metalsoultion s.r.o.

Technical industrial supplier

Plzenska 3217/16

CZ 150 00 Praha 5


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