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The only industrial heating boiler for solid fuels in modular construction !

Industrial Biomass

Heating Systems

  • Scalable heating power from 200 KW - 2 MW

  • Works with wooden waste fuels

  • Modular construction

Biomass Projects

Industrial Heating Boiler IHS
Industrial Heating Boiler IHS assembly
Unit Construction System

-  For combustion of crushed wood fuels

-  For commercial or industrial use

-  Extremely tough and robust system

-  Highly efficient

-  Modular system

-  Heating power 200 KW - 2.000 KW

Wood Chips
Boiler Control Unit IHS
Design of boiler plants

-  Automatic fuel- feed from storage

-  Automatic ignition (depends on temperature)

-  Automatic ash removal 

-  Automatic heat exchanger cleaning (depend from type)

-  Automatic boiler cool-down device

-  Multiple fire protection measures against burn-back

-  All combustion- and flue-gas-fans are speed-controlled

-  All gear-motors are protected against overheating

-  Additional hydraulic fuel loading system

-  Infrared level detection

-  Oil deficiency protection of the hydraulic unit

Hydraulic Fuel Loading System

Boimass Fuel Transport IHS
Biomass Fuel Loading IHS

-  For commercial or industrial use

-  For carrying and conveyance of poor-flowing bulk materials

-  Very safe and durable

-  Flexible

-  Uncomplicated in production and assembling

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