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The only multifuel heating boiler in the world !

Hybrid Heating System

  • Hybrid powered by solar & conventional fuel

  • Generate room heating & hot water

  • All-in-1 device

IHS Hybrid Heating System symbolic

+  Ideal for lowest energy - and passive houses

+  Primary utilization of solar energy

+  Few starts of the burner

+  Always enough hot water 

+  Little need for space

+  Less piping, less wiring, fewer sensors, easier installation

Premium Solar Storage Boiler

Sun grafik
Hot Water
Wood Pellets

Power:  0-15 KW, 0-23 KW

Tested: EuroNorm EN 303 T5

Premium Boiler IHS All-in-1-device

Combination with thermal hot water solar panels

or vacuum panels

Generation of hygienic hot water included

Fuel :  Solar, wood-pellets

Oil/Gas Storage Boiler

Solar Gas Storage Boiler IHS
Sun Grafik

Combination with thermal hot water solar panels or vacuum panels

Hot Water

Generation of hygienic hot water included

Power:  0-21 KW

Storage volume 400 l

Tested: ÖNORM EN 303

Oil Burner

Fuel :  Solar, oil or gas

Energy Center


Oil Burner
Wood Chips
Wood for Heating
Power Plant


Hot Water Boiler with shifting System


Heating Radiator
Floor Heating
Hot Water
Swimming Pool
Heat Pump


-  Solar energy                         -  Hot water

   -  Hot water panels               -  and radiator                                                            heating

   -  Vacuum panels                 -  and floor heating

                                               -  and heating for

-  and   Oil - burner                     swimming pool

-  or      Biofuel - burner

-  or      Gas - burner

-  and   Pellet - burner

-  or      Woodchips - buner

-  or      Different biomass - burner

-  and    Heat - pump

-  and    Wood - boiler

-  and    External - heat

-  and    District - heat

You don`t know how to heat in a safe,

ecological and economical way tomorrow ?

We don`t know either !

But we can present you with a system

that makes you flexible and independent !

As a heat source for           In addition to

-  Oil and gas                      -  Heat pump

-  Pellets                              -  Co-generation

-  Biomass        

-  Solar energy                 

Furthermore as                   Supplies and controls

-  District heat station         -  Radiator heating

-  External heat storage      -  Floor heating

                                          -  Hot water

                                          -  Swimming pool                                                         heating

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