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The only automatic room stove for pellets and wood with modular construction !

Automatic Room Stoves 

  • Automatic & manual mode

  • Tiled stove and room stove available

  • Many shapes & designs possible

Automatic Fueled Tiled Stove

Automatic Tiled Stove IHS
Tiled stove Poli
for pellets
and wood
Tiled Stove Pellets Burner IHS
Tiled Stove Fire
Tiled Stove

-  Healthy and pleasing radiant heat

-  shapely, appealing visual appearance

-  Automatic temperature control

-  Automatic switch between operation with pellets or wood

- Technical device are "invisible", e.g. integrated in a               partition wall

-  Ideal auxiliary heating

-  Can be designed as a heating system for the whole house

-  Production of hot water for heating and hot water                   possible

-  Room air-independent operation possible  

Every shape and every design is possible

Automatic Room Stove

New !  Development project
Room Stove IHS for Pellets and Wood
Room Stove Fire
Pellet Storage for Stove IHS
Prototyp, Wood stove Wamsler

-  For pellets and wood

-  Automatic operation with pellets

-  Automatic ignation from wood (with pellets)

-  Automatic temperature control

-  Several designs possible

-  Production of hot water for heating and hot water possible

-  Operation which is dependent of compartment air is possible

-  Ideal as emergency heating, can be operated with wood without electricity 

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