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The only solid fuel compact heating boiler with modular construction !

Automatic Multi-fuel Heating Unit

  • Works with many granular fuels

  • Fully automated operation

  • One compact unit

Fuels for IHS Boilers
Automatic Multifuel Boiler IHS
This Boiler consists of the fuel storage tank,
the combustion chamber, the heat exchanger
and the control unit in one complete unit
This unit is suitable for automatic and cleaning burning a lot of fuels

+  Very easy to install

+  Easy for operate

+  Suitable for a lot of fuels

+  Possible to use fuels with a low melting point

+  Robust quality

Heating power :

            -    20 KW

            -    40 KW

            -    60 KW

            -    80 KW

            -  100 KW

Heating power depend of fuel

Fuels :

-  Wood - pellets

-  Straw - pellets

-  Wood - chips

-  Agricultural waste (from grain, sunflowers, nuts, etc.)

-  Coal

-  Dust from coal

   Granulation size of all fuels appr. max. 40 x 40 mm

-  Wooden chunks for manual loading

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